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We provide components as well as expertise in the development of projects involving our manufacturers. While we are neither a design nor engineering firm we often become deeply involved in problem solving and product selection.

  • Development of explosion-proof drying system for angel flares - flares used by aircraft to avoid heat-seeking missiles (left)
  • Adipic Acid debagging, mixing, and pumping system for power plant in Thailand
  • Special valves for chemical feed system on oil rig off the coast of Brazil
  • 1600 PPH Anhydrous Ammonia vaporization and injection/flow control system with truck unloading and emergency fogging system.
  • Solution of Air Make up system freeze-up for federal utility power plant
  • Proto typing of early Gummi bear candy for first US manufacture
  • Totally enclosed steam system for new plant for largest US snack food manufacturer and retrofit of early plant to this technology saving several hundred thousand dollars annually.
  • Executed the first steam energy study and piping analysis for major Tennessee whiskey distiller
  • Energy study for Mayport Naval Air Station
  • Condensate recovery project to install 38 pumps at Oak Ridge Weapons plant
  • Added $750 component with $235,000 per year payback for major Chemical manufacturer
  • Suggested $2000 modification to drainage system that allowed 2.3 million dollar capital expense avoidance
  • Developed a custom high Cv valve previously deemed “impossible” that allowed a decrease in batch time of 15-50% on 200 processors for a chemical manufacturer.
  • Developed a special alloy valve for 98% hot nitric acid service from analytical metallurgy after a severe burn accident.
  • Acetone condenser coil replacement for large laden stream
  • Exploration of high emissivity paint for refractory enhancement
  • Consulted on design for the steam accumulators for the world’s largest rocket engine test cell.
  • Redesigned a steam system for making strawberry jelly for French yogurt.
  • Provided meter station for a new kind of chewing tobacco.