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Actuated Ball Valves - Spirax Sarco Inc., PBM Valve, Valmicro Ball Valves

Air Compressor Efficiency Tools - Forbes Marshall

ANSI Fire-safe Ball Valves - PBM Valve, Valmicro Ball Valves, Spirax Sarco Inc.

ASME Code Vessels and Tanks- Integrated Flow Solutions

Bellows Seal Valves - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Boiler Controls - Spirax Sarco Inc.

BTU meters - Forbes Marshall

Catalytic Heaters - CCI Thermal

Chemical Loading Stations - Integrated Flow Solutions

Chilled Water Coils - Aerofin Coils

CIP/Ultra Sanitary Valves - PBM Valve

CIP System Skids - Integrated Flow Solutions

Clean Steam Generators - Hygromatik

Complex Chemical Feed Skids - Integrated Flow Solutions

Condensate Contamination Detection Systems - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Condensate Pumps - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Custom Air Systems - Aerofin Coils

Custom and Extreme Service Control Valves - Spirax Sarco Inc., Forbes Marshall

Custom Designed Ball Valves - PBM Valve

Custom Humidification Systems - Hygromatik

Custom Replacement Air Coils - Aerofin Coils

Diverter Valves - PBM Valve, Valmicro Ball Valves

Dowtherm heaters - Vapor Power Boiler

DX Coils - Aerofin Coils

ElectricProcess Heaters - Integrated Flow Solutions

Electric Tracing - O'Brien Electric

Electronic Control Valves - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Explosion Proof Drying Systems - CCI Thermal

Explosion-Proof Thermostats - CCI Thermal, Ruffneck Heaters

Explosion-Proof Unit Heaters - CCI Thermal, Ruffneck Heaters

Explosion-proof Video Systems - L.J. Star Inc.

Fiber Reinforced Piping and Ducting, Corrosion - ATS Duct

Fire Resistant Antistatic Venting - ATS Duct

Flow meters - Spirax Sarco Inc., Forbes Marshall

Fluid Cooler Packages - Aerofin Coils

Flush Tank Valves - PBM Valve

Full Port Ball Valves - PBM Valve, Valmicro Ball Valves

Fused Borosilicate Sight Windows - L.J. Star Inc.

Hastelloy/Nickel/Titanium Valves - PBM Valve

Heat Exchanger Packages - Spirax Sarco Inc., Integrated Flow Solutions

High Efficiency Radiant Space Heaters - CCI Thermal

Hot Water Boilers - Weben Jarco Inc.

Hot Water Heat Exchanger Skids - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Hot Water Heaters - Weben Jarco Inc.

Hose Down Stations - Spirax Sarco Inc.

In-house Design and Construction of Complete Modular Process Systems - Integrated Flow Solutions

Instrument Enclosures - O'Brien Electric

Integral Face and Bypass Coils - Aerofin Coils

Level Controls - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Metal Seated Ball Valves - Valmicro Ball Valves

Multi-Port Valves (up to 8 way) - PBM Valve

Non-electric Pivotrol Pumps - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Non-Wetted Magnetic Level Indication - L.J. Star Inc.

Packaged Turbine Power Generating Systems - Integrated Flow Solutions

Pneumatic Control Valves - Spirax Sarco Inc., Forbes Marshall

Pre-Insulated Safe-Tracing Tubing - O'Brien Electric

Pressure/Temperature Controls - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Process Observation Systems - L.J. Star Inc.

Reactor Tank Lights & Windows - L.J. Star Inc.

Rotor Valves - PBM Valve

Safety Relief Valves - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Sampling Valves - PBM Valve

Sanitary Butterfly Valve - Valmicro Ball Valves

Seismic Rated Valves - PBM Valve

Self-Generating Humidifiers - Hygromatik

Severe Service and High Pressure Ball Valves - Valmicro Ball Valves

Special Steam Design Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers - Spirax Sarco Inc.

SRC Ammonia Vaporization and Control Systems - Integrated Flow Solutions

Stainless Cu/Ni Steel Coils - Aerofin Coils

Stainless Steel Specialties - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Steam and Electric Unit Heaters - CCI Thermal, Ruffneck Heaters

Steam Coils - Aerofin Coils

Steam Filters - Spirax Sarco Inc., Donnellson Ultra Filter

Steam Injection Humidifiers - Hygromatik

Steam Traps - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Steam, Gas and Air Filters - Spirax Sarco Inc., Donnellson Ultra Filter

Strainers - Spirax Sarco Inc.

Test Valves - PBM Valve

Three Piece Actuated Ball Valves- PBM Valve, Spirax Sarco Inc., Valmicro Ball Valves

Trunion Mounted Ball Valves - Valmicro Ball Valves

Ultra High Cycle Life Actuated Valves - PBM Valve

Ultra-High Efficiency Steam Boiler Arrays - Vapor Power Boiler

Variable Speed Pumping Skids - Integrated Flow Solutions

Vortex Flow meters - Forbes Marshall

Wafer Valves - Valmicro Ball Valves

Wash-down Hose-able Unit Heaters - CCI Thermal, Ruffneck Heaters