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Aerofin Coils - Custom Replacement Air Coils, Integral Face and Bypass Coils, Steam Coils, Chilled Water Coils, DX Coils, Stainless Cu/Ni Steel Coils, Fluid Cooler Packages, Custom Air Systems


ATS Duct - Fiber Reinforced Piping and Ducting, Corrosion, Fire Resistant Antistatic Venting, VOC Venting

CCI Thermal - ElectricProcess Heaters, Explosion Proof Drying Systems, Catalytic Heaters

Donnellson Ultra Filter - Steam, Gas and Air Filters

Forbes Marshall Division of Spirax Sarco - Vortex Flow meters, BTU meters, Air Compressor efficiency tools, Custom and Extreme Service Control Valves

Hygromatik Division of Spirax Sarco Canada - Steam Injection Humidifiers, Self-Generating Humidifiers, Clean Seam Generators, Custom Humidification Systems

Integrated Flow Solutions formerly Flowtronex - In-house Design and Construction of Complete Modular Process Systems, CIP Systems, Tempered Water Systems, Packaged Turbine Power Generating Systems, Custom Designed Ball Valves, SRC Ammonia Vaporization and Control Systems, Chemical Loading Stations, Complex Chemical Feed Skids, Variable Speed Pumping Skids

L.J. Star Inc. - Fused Borosilicate Sight Windows, Process Observation Systems, Reactor Tank Lights & Windows, Non-Wetted Magnetic Level Indication, Explosion-proof Video Systems

MNA Valve Inc.

O'Brien Electric - Pre-Insulated Safe-Tracing Tubing, Electric Tracing, Instrument Enclosures

PBM Valve - Custom Designed Ball Valves, ANSI Fire safe Ball Valves, Ultra High Cycle Life Actuated Valves, CIP / Ultra Sanitary Valves, Multi-Port Valves (up to 8 way), Diverter Valves, Flush Tank Valves, Sampling Valves, Rotor Valves, Hastelloy/Nickel/Titanium Valves, Seismic Rated Valves

Ruffneck Heaters - Steam and Electric Unit Heaters, Wash-down Hose-able Unit Heaters, Explosion-Proof Unit Heaters, Explosion-Proof Thermostats

Spirax Sarco Inc. - Steam Traps, Condensate Pumps, Non-electric Pivotrol Pumps, Pressure/Temperature Controls, Pneumatic Control Valves, Electronic Control Valves, Boiler Controls, Level Controls, Condensate Contamination Detection Systems, Flow meters, Safety Relief Valves, Bellows Seal Valves, Three Piece Actuated Ball Valves, Stainless Steel Specialties, Steam Vent Heads, Steam Filters, Strainers, Steam Energy Audits, Heat Exchanger Packages

Valmicro Ball Valves - Full Port Ball Valves, ANSI Fire safe Ball Valves, Metal Seated Valves, Sanitary Butterfly Valve, Wafer Valves, Diverter Valves, Test Valves, Actuated Valves, Severe Service and High Pressure Ball Valves, Trunion Mounted Ball Valves, Actuated Valves

Vapor Power Boiler - Ultra-High Efficiency Steam Boiler Arrays, Dowtherm heaters

Weben Jarco Inc. - ASME Code Vessels and Tanks, Hot Water Boilers, Hot Water Heaters