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Our spiritual Founder was my great grandfather the railroad engineer Luther Lucullis Bonham pictured here in Concord Tennessee circa 1875.  Luther drove one of the first trains from Roanoke to Atlanta when the trestles were all built after the Civil War. Some of his descendents have remained in the clouds of steam.

Industrial Applications is a third generation technical sales agency started by a retired trainer for Crane Valve G.W. Sutton. We specialize in engineered products for steam and heat transfer systems.   As agents for Spirax Sarco since 1938 we offer the most experienced independent agency in the USA when the concern is the proper use of steam.  We offer a wide array of specialty products for process fluid handling such as steam traps, pumps, control valves, process valves, pumps, meters, coils, heaters, whole skid mounted process systems, as well as systems consulting and troubleshooting. We have specialty piping experience spanning from the Manhattan Project to rocket engine test cells, nuclear power safety systems, through heat seeking missile evasion flares.

Recently we provided a multimillion dollar ammonia generation system as part of the Duke Power pollution control system near Charleston South Carolina, a small steam meter station for new kind of chewing tobacco and the redesign of a steam system for making strawberry jelly for French yogurt, and specialty valves for an oil rig off the coast of South America.

We have been involved in the manufacture plastic explosives where we put in a large boiler house in a very short time as well as developing some special valves for 98% hot nitric acid for making C4 feed stock at the same plant. We also worked on some of the first Gummi Bears manufactured in America. We may be best known for our work in the chemical business, candy, snacks, and Tennessee whiskey.

We strive to provide quality products properly selected and promptly delivered. As our mentor Albert Armer the Uncle Albert of Steam used to say we strive to sell “The least amount of trouble.” Special interests include energy conservation, debottlenecking processes, and pollution control projects.