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Bob Sutton, Owner

While in college I was a member of the university gymnastics team and we used to run every day with a guy named Michael.  Later I held a world record in hand walking and then somehow with the advent of children and business I found myself fat and forty.  

As an overweight guy who used to run a lot I started to get really serious about remembering what my coach told me in college about how and why to run without hurting myself.  I talked to a colleague who told me he used to run but that his knee had given out.  When I asked how it happened he told me of an exercise in male stupidity that I am sure is repeated over and over. 

I resolved to write a book outlining a reasonable course in exercise such as was taught me in college.  Oddly I started writing about the week before September 11 th 2001.  A few years later a friend suggested that I run a marathon as a fund raiser for cancer survivors.  I ended up leading (sort of) the Boston Marathon in 2003 and 2004.

I began doing my long run training in Cades Cove in the Smokey Mountain National Park.  Over three years of nearly consecutive Saturdays I have made serial photographs of perhaps the prettiest valley in the US through all kinds of weather in seasonal order.  I am compiling this into a DVD of 5000 high resolution photos as a Windows XP screensaver with the proceeds going to charity. 

Following is a couple of preliminary chapters of the aforementioned book and some samples of the photographs.